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Hydraulics Online has a wealth of experience in designing, building and supplying hydraulic power packs… so much so that we decided to create this dedicated website. Whether you are looking for a relatively standard unit, or a bespoke power pack as part of a larger hydraulic systems design project then you’ve come to the right place.

Our customers come from all over the world. Literally. But  our most famous client to date must surely be Concorde! The hydraulic systems on Concorde 101 G-AXDN had not been used since her retirement in 1977, but with the enthusiasm and technical support of Heritage Concorde and Hydraulics Online, a plan was formed to bring them back to life… To read the full story, click here. You can find more hydraulic power pack case studies here or you can our hydraulic power pack photo gallery on Facebook to see further examples of hydraulic power packs and complete systems that we have previously supplied.

Hydraulic power packs are purposely designed to complete several operations with different forces and speeds. A power unit applies pressure which enables it to drive motors, cylinders, and other corresponding components of a hydraulic system. Some of the significant factors that influence a hydraulic power unit’s performance include pressure limits, power capacity, and reservoir volume. Its physical characteristics, including size, power supply, and pumping strength are also important considerations.

Hydraulics CatalogueIf you are looking for a “standard” unit, our online catalogue contains details of the Fluidlink hydraulic power pack range that we can supply… and still customise to suit your individual requirements.   

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